Time To Say Goodbye

Anyone who has been on MBW knows that I have not posted any new content since early in 2016. That is because work commitments have not allowed me to devote the time I want and need to produce a quality product who those of you who have followed this blog for the last few years.

At one time, I had the hope and ambition to make this my full-time passion and job. But in the end, economics (a/k/a the need for a paycheck!) and my inability to successfully monetize the site has brought me to this place today.

This will be, unless there is a major change in my life, my final post on MBW. Thank you to all who have followed my site. I have had a blast and have met some great people, both craft beer and wine makers, as well as those of us who love what they do. The Midwest Craft Beer and Wine industries are strong, vibrant industries, which create jobs and produce amazing, quality products. No matter what the big titans of the industries say…this movement IS HERE TO STAY!

I will continue to post industry news and my personal experiences on my Midwest Beer and Wine Facebook and Twitter platforms. And of course, I will continue to support and enjoy the work of the great craftsmen (and women) who make these industries great!

So, maybe I will see you around at a brewery or winery some day and we can hold up a glass to Midwest Beer and Wine! Until then, Cheers!

L. Ryskamp




Greenbush Brewing Company- Sawyer, Michigan

On Valentine’s Day, my wife and I drove from Northwest Indiana up to southwest Michigan for the day. One of the stops we made was Greenbush Brewing (oh yes…I adore my wife…she doesn’t drink beer, but she was all good with stopping in!), a place I had always wanted to visit.

I have enjoyed many Greenbush brews over the years here at home, with Dunegras and Yogi Borealis being my favorites. But I had always wanted to check out the taproom, and while I knew it was a relatively short drive from home, it was even easier to get to (despite the snow!) than I thought. I enjoyed the vibe of the place…there was a nice size crowd (we had to wait quite a while for a table…which almost tried my wife’s understanding…did I mention I adore my wife!)… nice family atmosphere… and I lucked out because it was “Bacon Week” there!

So while we waited for a table, I enjoyed a glass of Juicebox Hero, which instantly became one my new Greenbush favs. Juicebox Hero is a great, citrusy APA, with strong orange and lemon notes. Great brew! Later, accompanying my order of delicious bacon pierogis, I enjoyed an Indispensable IPA, which is a selection I have seen locally at home but I had not tried up until then. Another hit with me. I definitely will be looking for this again, when I visit some of my favorite local craft beer stores.

Overall, it was an fun stop on an enjoyable day… now that I know how close the place is, I’ll have to come when I can stay longer. Cheers, Greenbush!




New Holland Brewing launches new packaging design across full beer portfolio

New Holland Brewing reveals a new look with a portfolio-wide packaging update due to hit markets in March 2016, continuing to roll out through spring & summer.

Source: New Holland Brewing launches new packaging design across full beer portfolio

My Midwest Beers of February

I have done this for a while on my Twitter feed (@MidwestBeerWine) and Instagram (@lmpublications). These are some Midwest beers that I have enjoyed for the first time in any given month, in this case February.



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: FEBRUARY 15, 2016 MEDIA INQUIRIES:JON PIEPENBROK VP Marketing and Sales jp@kbrewery.com Clinton Twp., Michigan – Metro-Detroit craft brewery, Kuhnhenn Brewing Co., is excited to announce the official opening dates for their new location in nearby Clinton Twp. The new location, located at 36000 Groesbeck, Clinton Twp., MI 48035, will officially open its …


Left Foot Charley Pinot Blanc, 2013

A recent post from Sipology on Michigan wine.


Maker: Left Foot Charley, Traverse City, Michigan, USA20160203_155824.jpg

Place of origin: Island View Vineyard, Old Mission Peninsula AVA, Michigan, USA

ABV: 13.5%

Other information: 21.4° brix at harvest, harvested 10/19/2013, 6 g/l residual sugar.

Purchased for $24

Appearance: Pale straw

Nose: Mild lychee, lemon thyme, mineral water

Palate: Tangerine, Meyer lemon, sage, pear, peach, thyme.

Finish: Overripe Bartlett pear, mandarin orange, tannin.

Parting words: Pinot Blanc is a funny wine. In Europe, it’s associated with Alsace, but Alsatian Pinot Blanc is really just a white wine blend made with white wines from grapes in the Pinot family. In Alsace, Pinot Blanc (the variety) and Auxerrois (a very close sibling to Chardonnay) are the most common components. Sometimes Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir (vinified white) are blended in as well. Comparing an Alsatian Pinot Blanc to an American varietal Pinot Blanc is not really a fair comparison because of that.


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The Last 2015 Review You Will See In 2016

I know…I know…it’s President’s Day for God sakes! A 2015 review?…Really?!?! Well, yes. Unfortunately, as readers of MBW have noted, because of work and time constraints, I slowed down (generous term) my blog posts. As I get my writing mojo back, I wanted to hit some highlights from last year, especially the last quarter of 2015, before moving forward.

So…with your indulgence, here are some highlights from last year:

1. My posts with IndianaOnTap.com- 2015 began my free-lance posts with indianaontap.com. I posted several stores last year, ranging from my coverage of a couple of NW Indiana festivals (see more below), as well as visits to Griffith’s Wildrose and St. John’s Saint John Malt Brothers breweries. If you want to check out my work at IOT, go to http://www.indianaontap.com/apps/search?q=lance+ryskamp. I hoping to continue my relationship with Indiana On Tap in the coming year.



Indiana On Tap Editor, Adam Schick and I at September’s CANvitational in Indianapolis.

2. Great Beer Festivals- In 2015, I got the opportunity to go to several great festivals, which were amazing times. These included Highland’s Pints In The Park, CANvitational in Indianapolis, Chicago’s Bacon and Beer Classic, and the Munster Ale Fest. Great beer, great food, great fun!

FullSizeRender (14)

Highland’s Pints In The Park




Chicago’s Bacon & Beer Classic


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3. Visits to Great Breweries- In addition, to the breweries I visited for Indiana on Tap, I got a chance to visit several more breweries last summer and fall. These included Whiting’s Bulldog Brewery, Bloomington’s Function Brewing, Griffith’s Pokro Brewing, and my current brewery of choice, New Oberpfalz Brewing, also of Griffith.





newober1   newober2


2016 has already brought a new taproom from 18th Street and the opening on Saturday of NW Indiana’s newest brewery, Hammond’s Byway Brewery. So the it looks like another great year for craft beer and MBW will be back in the groove covering (and sampling) it all. Cheers!